Symptoms of Narcotic Addiction

Narcotic addicted woman

Narcotics addiction is dangerous and deadly, but there is help!

The signs and symptoms of narcotic addiction are much like the early signs of narcotic abuse except that they are more pronounced, more prevalent and more dangerous. People who suffer from narcotic addiction no longer have full control over their actions because their mind is made up and they now have a physical dependence on drugs which makes quitting a challenging process all together. Many of the symptoms of narcotic addiction can be seen early on by friends and family members but some may not be so outspoken and recognizable; at least not at first.


The first sign of narcotic addiction, which is most often spotted by the user, is tolerance. When you have developed a tolerance to a particular drug you will begin to notice that it takes more and more of the drug before you feel the same “high” that you felt when you first started using. Many users never experience the same level of intoxication as they did with their first use of a narcotic and this leaves them constantly trying to find more in an effort to achieve that original sensation.


The symptoms of narcotic addiction are often described based on the symptoms that are felt when the drugs are NOT used. If you suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, restlessness, depression, or anxiety when you don’t use drugs then you are likely suffering from withdrawal. Withdrawal is one of many symptoms of narcotic addiction that can often be seen by both the user and those around him.

Lack of Control

Narcotic addiction will ultimately cause the user to have a lack of control over his or her drug use. The user will make commitments to use less or to avoid the drugs all together but these commitments will be broken time and again. This lack of control will also be responsible for a user’s inability to stop using narcotics even if he or she wants to and it can lead to many relationship struggles as well as struggles within the addict along the way.

Everything Revolves Around Narcotics

Does your live revolve around drugs? One of the most commonly recognized symptoms of narcotic addiction is a lack of focus on anything but drugs. Most of the time, the outsiders such as friends or family members will be the first to notice this symptom of addiction but in some cases it will become evident to the user too. Time is often spent searching for more drugs, using drugs, making money to buy drugs, or otherwise focusing on drug use.

Another common scenario associated with this symptom of narcotic addiction is a lack of desire to take part in other activities that do not involve using drugs. You may no longer spend time with friends or family, you may not take part in hobbies that you once found exciting or you may not socialize with the same people because they don’t share your interest in using drugs.

Consequential Drug Use

Another common symptom of narcotic addiction is using drugs even when you are aware of the consequences that have been caused or are to be caused in your life as a result of the drug use. If drug use is causing problems in your life such as relationship problems, depression, paranoia, financial ruin or health problems and yet you continue to use drugs then there is likely a problem with addiction.