Signs of Narcotic Abuse

depressed woman addicted to narcotics

Depression is one of many potential signs of narcotics abuse.

Abusive use of narcotics either for the treatment of pain or for recreational purposes can pose serious health threats and risks to the user. Some people use narcotics occasionally for fun and never become addicted while others may only take part in recreational narcotic abuse a few times and find themselves stuck in a whirlwind of pain, suffering and turmoil that is widely known as addiction. Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, feeling ashamed and otherwise out of control are all likely counterparts of narcotic abuse that spirals out of control and leads to addiction. These are some of the top signs of narcotic abuse:

Ill Will Toward Responsibilities

People who are abusing narcotics will often have a lack of desire to handle their responsibilities. In fact, many people who abuse narcotics were once very responsible and paid very close attention to their habits at work, school and home. As narcotic abuse continues on, the level of respect that is paid toward important matters such as grades, house work, caring for children or other responsibilities tend to drop until the user ultimately just stops handling these responsibilities all together in favor of using more drugs.

Risk Taking Behaviors

One of the most common signs of narcotic abuse is the level of risk taking behaviors that a user takes part in. People who abuse narcotics may begin to use these drugs and drive, use the drugs at work while operating heavy machinery or performing important tasks or use the drugs and take part in other forms of risky activity. Promiscuous activity and unprotected sexual encounters are all possible when an individual is exhibiting signs of narcotic abuse.

Legal Problems

Narcotic abuse often leads to legal problems such as being arrested. The user may be arrested for disorderly intoxication, disorderly conduct, possession of controlled substances, or various other situations. People who become addicted to narcotics are likely to steal to support their habit and this too can lead to legal problems including arrest.

Relationship Problems

While a relationship may not be completely broken as a result of an individual’s decision to use narcotics there is a wide potential for relationship problems to occur when drugs are involved. One of the first recognized signs of narcotic abuse is problems in the relationship that result from the drug use. These problems may include fighting with a loved one, avoiding a loved one to use drugs, having a problem with your boss or coworker or suffering some other type of uproar in an otherwise average relationship.

Getting Help

If you notice that you or a loved one is showing signs of narcotic abuse, getting help early on could save you from the real problems of addiction that are likely to set in if the abusive use of narcotics continues. Finding the right treatment for your needs is just a phone call away and can make a world of difference in how quickly you recover and get back to everyday life. Don’t let narcotics win the battle over you!